What Causes Body Odor Even After Bathing? Top Answers


What causes body odor even after bathing? This question has to be answered so that people who have this problem can find a remedy to their condition. The answer to this problem is not quite simple as it may seem. You have to learn about some scientific facts related to the causes of body odor.

13 Answers for What Causes Body Odor Even after Bathing

1. Reaction of Microorganism and Sweat

You may not believe it but there are hundreds of microorganisms on the surface of your skin and in any surface. When these microorganisms act on the sweat - even after taking a bath - an odor is produced and emitted. You should prevent this from happening if you don’t want your body to smell.

Sweat is naturally odorless, but when bacteria act on it, it produces body odor.

2. Anxiety and Stress

When you’re anxious, your sweat would bring out smelly andoily waste products.The odor comes out even after bathing. The solution to this is to spare a few minutes every day to relax.

You can perform meditation, breathing exercises or yoga to calm your nerves and to de-stress yourself. Don’t worry about things that you don’t have control of. For those you can control, do something positive about them, instead of worrying.

3. Inadequate Bathing

The reason could also be inadequate or improper bathing, where the body has not been rinsed adequately; leaving traces of dirt, dead cells and soap. This would exude body odor and smelly skin. The solution for this is to ensure that you have scrubbed your body sufficiently, and that you have washed off your skin thoroughly.

4. Improper Breakdown of Trimethylaminuria (TMAU)

This condition is hereditary. It involves the inability of the body enzymes to breakdown trimethylamine, usually found in foods rich with choline. This then produces a fishy odor, which is not eliminated even when taking a bath. The remedy for this is to consult your doctor, so that you can undergo proper treatment of the condition.

5. Exposure to Bacteria

Although you have taken a bath, if you’re exposed to odor-causing bacteria right after you took a bath, you will have body odor. Therefore, avoid dirty and damp places. Use a soap that has antibacterial properties.

6. Eating Sulfur-Rich Foods, or Heavy Spices

Foods that can produce sulfur, such as onions, and heavily spiced foods can produce body odor even if you have bathed. This is because the odor comes from the inside of your body. Odors of internal origins are more difficult to eliminate. The remedy of this is simple – avoid those foods to ensure that you would smell clean.

7. Not Using Deodorants

You will have to use deodorants right after taking a bath. This is because when you sweat, the bacteria on the surface of your skin would react with your sweat. So, you have to use deodorants regularly. Apply the deodorant only after you have taken a bath. Applying it without bathing would worsen your body odor.

8. Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating without proper hygiene would emit an unpleasant odor, even right after a bath. The sweat is a rich nutrient for all types of microorganisms. These bacteria are the primary cause of body odor.

9. Consuming Excessive Amounts of Alcohol

Most alcoholics have body odors that stay in their bodies no matter how they take a bath. The odor is fruity and somewhat aromatic. The remedy is for them to stop drinking alcohol. Once they stop the bad habit, the odor will eventually dissimulate.

10. Diabetic ketoacidosis

Persons with diabetes have fruity smelling bodies because of the excess amounts of ketone bodies produced. This is as a result of hyperglycemia or increased blood glucose. The ketone bodies are produced from the utilization of fats as the source of energy in the body, instead of carbohydrates.

11. Athletes Foot

This can cause feet odor even after you have taken a bath. To eliminate the odor, the condition should be treated first. Proper hygiene of the feet must be observed too. Avoid exposure to dirt, grime and soil.

12. Liver impairment

When you have internal organ impairment, your body can smell even if you have taken a bath. The liver is the major metabolic organ and when it’s impaired, food products are not metabolized properly. Thus, by-products that are malodorous are produced. These will be emitted as a body odor.

The remedy for this is to conduct a diagnostic test that will determine if you have indeed liver impairment. In instances when there’s liver dysfunction, appropriate therapeutic measures should be instituted.

13. Digestive System Impairment

Impairment in the digestive system will produce smelly breath or body odor, as well. The digestive system’s odor can come out from the skin or from the mouth. Usually, dairy products, meat, spicy foods, onion, garlic and legumes are foods that can produce smelly odors.

Their waste products of digestion and metabolism are also sources of bad odors. Fruits and most vegetables can help eradicate body odor. Hydrate yourself sufficiently too, so that smelly waste products are eliminated properly from the body.

To learn more about reasons of body odors, watch this video.


If you have body odor even after bathing, these are the causes that you can peruse. Take note of them and implement the remedies whenever necessary. Internal causes are tougher to eliminate. Therefore, when your body odor is chronic, visit your doctor for proper diagnostic tests.

Once the root cause is discovered, it would be easy treating the body odor. You have also to help your internal organs function efficiently by eating the right type of foods that could make your body smell fresh.


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