Does Health Related Fitness Contribute to Sports Performance?


In this post, I will be answering the question: Does health related fitness contribute to sports performance? You should know the answer to this question because it concerns your health and well-being. Indeed, do health fitness and sports performance correlate with each other? Let’s learn the answer to this question, after you learn the basic facts about the topic.

What is Health Related Fitness?

Healthy related fitness is the type of fitness that is based on the health of a person. Typically, staying fit denotes that you are healthy, and being unfit is likewise, unhealthy. When you’re fit, you’re healthy.

What is Sports Performance?

Sports performance is how you perform in sports, such as basketball, track and field and other sports. It’s how your body responds to the body exertion done your body.

Does Health Related Fitness Contribute to Sports Performance?



Yes, health related fitness does contribute to the sports performance of persons. This is because of the following reasons:

  • Exercising makes you fit

When you exercise to stay fit, you also enhance the physiological functions of the body. Your body is ready to conquer sports for you.

  • Keeping fit boost sports performance

Keeping fit increases muscle strength and flexibility; hence, also sports performance. Sports buffs all agree that keeping fit boosts the sports performance of players.

  • Fitness programs include how to eat properly and how to exercise

Fitness programs tend to develop, not only your physical health, but also your mental and spiritual health. Any form of exercise will contribute towards an athlete’s stamina and endurance.

Thus, the athlete performs better and endures longer. Athletes also become more disciplined and focused when they have undergone physical health fitness exercises.

  • When you’re healthy and fit, all your organs are functioning normally

Health related fitness programs encompass the complete development of your physical activities; and as a consequence, you would perform better in the sports that you are engaged in.

Staying fit enhances respiration and promotes better blood circulation. It also prevents cardiac illnesses, hypertension, and other pathological conditions.

  • Anything that improves your physical fitness has the propensity to boost your performance in sports, as well

Yes, anything that exercises your muscles and develops them will tend to develop your body for any sports. An unused muscle during physical fitness training would atrophy and decrease in size. Learn how to establish a daily regimen of healthy exercises.

  • Muscular endurance is developed when staying fit

That’s right, when you strive to stay fit; you exercise your muscles to develop their endurance. Your muscle strength is increased too because they are being stretched and used.

In addition, fitness exercises develop the strength of the knees and other joints, while prolonging their endurance. The muscles are trained to endure longer too. These are needed when playing sports. You have trained to stay fit and to play sports.

  • When a person is fit, he becomes quick to spring into action

Aside from achieving flexibility, muscle endurance and muscle strength in health related fitness training, you also improve your quickness. This quickness or agility is a critical factor in sports because they can determine whether an athlete won or not. This is most applicable in track and field events.

These are the explanations why your health related fitness is directly proportional to your sports performance.

Tips to do in your health related fitness programs to promote your sports performance
  • Eat the proper diet. Eat right and excel in your sports.
  • Fitness exercises should be done daily to produce effective results.
  • At least an hour per day of exercises must be accomplished.
  • Hydrate yourself often during the exercises to nourish your cells.
  • Avoid illicit drugs, alcohol, cigarette and too much caffeine.
  • Live a healthy life to stay fit and perform well in your selected sports.

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Scientists have proven that health-related fitness is directly related to sports performance. This is because both deal with the same parts of the body - the muscles, and the other body organs.

When you want to develop your muscles, you are also developing your sports abilities. They cannot be antithesis to each other because they both promote body training and development.

What about you? Have you ever experienced such fitness-sports relationship? If you did, you can share your experience in the comment section below. This could help various readers, who have a similar problem.


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