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Skin care and characteristics of the skin

Vitamin C For Skin Lightening: How True?


For years, fair skin is considered beautiful by most people. Thus, both men and women work very hard in achieving a lighter and more neutral skin. The problem is, there are tons of lightening creams, pills, serum, whitening soaps and lotions in the market and most of these products are not effective.Because these products are […]

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What Is Considered Light Skinned? Do You Know?


Are you light skinned or dark skinned? Numerous people are conscious of their skin color but not many will admit that they are. To a lot of people, being light skinned is the best. But what is considered light skinned?Are there valid reasons why many prefer light skinned over dark skinned people?When you look back […]

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How To Get Lighter Skin? The Natural Way


How to get lighter skin? From French courtiers donning on powder puffed faces, to the Chinese drinking in crushed pearl powder in its aristocratic heydays, and even in the current glutathione drip remedies- It’s been a fad for centuries, the lighter the skin, the more refined or luxurious one’s lifestyle was. Today, a myriad of […]

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